Dr. med.
Christiane Jungen


Medizinischer Doktorand

Topics and Vision

Cardiovascular diseases are up to now the most important cause of morbidity and mortality. Cardiac autonomic nervous system dysfunction is associated with most cardiovascular diseases and can initiate and exacerbate heart disease. Pathological changes in the cardiac autonomic nervous system predispose to potentially lethal heart rhythms such as ventricular arrhythmias. Only recently it was discovered that cardiac inflammation may also be relevant for the initiation and perpetuation of arrhythmias.

The research group focuses on identifying mechanisms underlying ventricular arrhythmogenesis with regard to neuronal remodelling and cardiac inflammation. The goal is to reduce arrhythmogenesis by exploring new therapeutical approaches.

The translational research uses state-of-the-art methodology with direct clinical relevance. Preceding work of the CardioScienceLabs on myocardial immune regulation and advanced cardiac imaging lays the basis for the current projects connecting neuro-cardiology with cardiac inflammation.



Funding & Awards


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