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Das Westdeutsche Herz- und Gefäßzentrum Essen mit der Klinik für Kardiologie und Angiologie befindet sich auf dem Gelände des Universitätsklinikums Essen. Sollten Sie die Routenplanung selbst vornehmen wollen, dann schauen Sie unsere Wegbeschreibung oder benutzen Sie bitte folgende Postadresse:

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Pia Stock


Pia Stock received her Diploma in 2005 from the Ruhr University Bochum in Biology with the specialization in Zoology and Parasitology. In 2010 she started her work as a Research Assistant at the Heinrich-Heinrich University Düsseldorf in the Heisenberg-Group of Prof. Rassaf. In August 2015, she joined the University Hospital Essen as a research member of the CardioScienceLabs at the Department of Cardiology.


Critical in the understanding of the processes involved in human cardiovascular disease is the study of comparative models in young and aged mice. They provide comprehensive insights into the extensive aspects that the term cardiovascular disease displays and new approaches focused to improve the diagnostic and the treatment of these pathologies. Models of genetically altered mice by addition or deletion of genes enable the investigation of the causative role of individual proteins within specific cell-types and the evaluation of molecular mechanisms responsible for the development and progression of cardiovascular disease. The use of old mice allows insights into the aging-associated progressive decline in numerous physiological processes, leading to an increased risk of health complications and disease.

Imitating an affliction using surgical models of e.g. myocardial ischemia/reperfusion or chronic ischemia in treated or untreated mice and successional examinations from whole organs over tissue samples down to bodily fluids can provide important informations ranging from the (sub)cellular to the molecular level.


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